About Dock180

Our team curates the best free design resources from 50+ sites and make them accessbile in one place: here. We do this 24 hours per day, 7 days a week, 365.25 days per year. Even though Jesus may have said we should rest sometimes.

The ultimate collection of free design resources (aka freebies)

The design landscape is changing. Today you can get access to high quality graphics, mockups, icons, illustrations and photos for free on the interwebs. These are also known as "freebies".

With said resources at your finger tips you can take your project to a completely new level. Just by leveraging the work of others. Use them "as is", manipulate them, slap your logo on them - do as you like. It will make your project look more professional for sure, free of charge. Isn't it fantastic? This was completely impossible 20 years ago. At best, designers back then had access to expensive CDs. Filled with lousy stock images or 1000 clip-art graphics. Remember those? →

Instead. Nowadays you have access to extremely high quality design resources a few clicks away. Let me ellaborate on that. Exempli gratia: Download a T-shirt mockup from a freebie site. Open it in Photoshop. Drag and drop your client's logo in there and BOOM! 30 seconds later you have something that looks like an ACTUAL PROFESSIONAL STUDIO PHOTO. At least to grandma. Just kidding.. It will look professional to everyone!

Let's say you are working on a new ecommerce design for a client. That means that before you show it to them for the first time, you can spend less than 5 minutes and add their logo to some great looking product mockups. Imagine that. Even if the client haven't gotten any further than making a logo you can sell them a vision. But brace yourself! They might actually be more impressed by these photos than the actual design. 😂

Plot twist! Yes, the freebies are completely free to use. And they are high quality (mostly!). The problem is that they are scattered all over internet. To many clicks away. It makes it really hard to find what you are looking for. And imagine if you found the perfect freebie once, and now you can't find your way back. Argh. Frustrating! After all, there is more than 50+ sites offering freebies online. And to be honest, the quality isn't always that good. 😬

This is where Dock180 come in. We set out to collect the best freebies on the Internet. Everyday we keep an eye out for new additions. We filter out the bad ones, we categorise everything and then we rank them. This way we can guarantee that you will always find what you are looking for on Dock180.

We know why you are here: You like free stuff. So do we. Welcome to the club!

ClipArt CD - Turns out you can still buy them at Amazon.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Q: How did you come up with the name? Dock180 sounds - ahem - random.

    A: Well, that's because it is random. It kind of... "found us". We found the name while playing "Wiki Roulette". We wrote about the process in a blog post: "How to find a brand and domain name in the 21st century - the Wiki Roulette approach"

  • Q: I don't have any virtual calendar so I can't set a daily reminder to visit Dock180.

    Bummer! But don't worry. We have you covered with the any of the following approaches: Subscribe to our weekly newsletter and we will send you the best stuff to your inbox. Or, activate browser notifications so we can ping you as soon as we have an update. Set this page as your startpage. Follow us on Instagram and Facebook. Yes. Do all of that. While you are at it.

  • Q: Can I do whatever I want with these freebies?

    Nope. You know what they say: "With free stuff, comes great responsibility". At least, that is what we are saying. The thing is: all publishers may have a different approach and you have to check the license for each individual item. E.g: Some restrict you from free use unless you link to the source or mention the creator, some prevent you from using it in a commercial project while some let you do litterarly anything you want. Therefore: check the license. Nice rule of thumb is: ask for permission instead of breaking the law.

  • Q: I found this great high quality freebie, and it's not listed on Dock180.

    .. yet! What are you waiting for? Send us a quick tip and we will take a look at it.

  • Q: How does it work? How can you find every single high quality freebie before I do?

    Together with Kyoto University (Japan) we trained a group of monkeys that constantly search through every freebie site. Absolutely revolutionary! The strategy is outlined in this clip: Chimpanzees care more than humans about peanuts

  • Q: My mum always says "Nothing in life is free". Why should I believe you?

    A: I hate to break it to you. Yo Mama knows nothing about Virtual goods, Product Sample, Free Market and The Long Tail.

  • Q: I want to get in touch with you. Can we arrange that?

    What does that even mean? "Get in" where? "Touch" what? Do you mean forever or just temporarily? Do we have to meet physically? Is this the opposite of "getting out of touch"? Anyway. Contact us and let's see if we can figure this out together.